• <h1 style="color: #ffffff;">Bow thruster e stern thruster</h1>
<p>Bow thruster elettrici o idraulici da 15 kw fino a 150 kw, ad una o due eliche</p>
  • <h2 style="color: #ffffff;">Yacht</h2>
<p>Specialized in the construction and installation of windlasses, capstans and winches for any  type of yacht.</p>
  • <h1 style="color: #FFFFFF;">Electrical and hydraulic systems</h1>
<p>Design and realization of hydraulic and electrical systems</p>
  • <h2 style="color: #ffffff;">Workboats</h2>
<p>Manufacturing of equipment for any type of vessels, such as windlasses, winches, capstans, bow thrusters, fairleads and panama with the relative class certificates</p>
  • <h2 style="color: #ffffff;">Fishing Vessels</h2>
<p>Manufacturing of equipment for any kind of fishing methods, from pelagic trawling to purse seining, with direct assistance</p>